We strolled around the city and shopped in different malls.

Mom got a box of chocolates. Dad and I got a bunch of workout clothes, we like to hit the gym together. We also bought some gifts for my little niece.

Guangzhou is a very diversified city. Modern downtown with not much difference than any other big cities, but there’s a huge contrast if you drive 30 mins out.

My old friend from college happen to be in the city as well, her family invited us for dinner at a traditional restaurant.

The place is beautiful, decorated in old fashion style.

They use rice soup to boil different plates of food, you can order from meat to vegies to seafood.

We had mussels, shrimps, chicken, beef, different veggies.

That way the soup becomes tasty and then you add rice back into the soup to make it a porridge.

As the night took over the city, Guangzhou tower glistened up in colorful lights.

Good night world!