If I could go back in time I’d cover my face in blood instead of makeup foundation.  





But it’s ok because my contour looked good :p !

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Remember John Snow from my 2014 Halloween post?  I almost didn’t recognize John a year later :p!


Just as I finished catching up with John Snow, Justin’s security guards had something important to discuss with me. It was utterly unnecessary and moronic for them to interfere my relationship with JB, I like to keep my private life private!


I left Venue just a bit early to meet up with my friends who didn’t get in to the club.

Have you seen the line?

I certainly haven’t seen one this crazy in the past 4 years!




Apparently my nails and my hair glow in the club!

So that it’s easy to find me when I lost in the human hurricane.


This post is a mixture of 2 nights, so bare with me and my 2 characters.

When Your Daddy meets Kylie Jenner..

The result didn’t turn out as successful as he planned  (luring all the hotties in the club to call him daddy).

But hey, at lease he was hanging out with Kylie!

















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What were you this Halloween?