You’ve Read Your Horoscope Wrong!

Whether you’re flipping through a magazine or newspaper, there’s always a section dedicates to a monthly horoscope report.

It’s cool to read but not always resonate with you, and sometimes it seems to be far from reality.

Well, that’s because you’ve read it wrong.

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How to Know Someone Right Away

People are like onions, cover in layers and it makes you cry to peal off the layers. Therefore, I’m giving you a knife of knowledge to cut straight to the onion heart (without tears, of course)!

After many years of researches, books and in-person surveys, it’s finally time to share the powerful information with you.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Rooster Year

Farewell Monkey year and hello Rooster Year!

Monkey year was quite unpredictable, a little bit unstable and somewhat feisty just like the monkeys. You’re right, Rooster year also shares some rooster traits. Interesting huh? Hell ya!

Here are 3 things you need to know about this Rooster year to not only smoothly navigate through another 365 days but also use them to your own benefits.

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Want To Start A Blog? Read This

Facebook is slowly getting out of fashion, people simply use it for “background” checks or occasionally look up old classmates from high school who just got engaged. I started my blog for fun and to connect with my family and friends in China, little did I know that one day I would have people from the globe reading it and sending me friendly messages. It’s definitely an amazing feeling to bring happiness around the world!

Along this journey many people have asked me for advice on starting a blog, I am eager to share my experience!

The Eye Traveler is less than 2 years old, I am definitely not a pro but I do have some helpful suggestions for you.


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Isn’t it nice to KNOW what others like and dislike to avoid unnecessary conflicts?

Unless you want to piss people off and purposefully do what they dislike, which I don’t recommend because what goes around comes around.

However, you have the freedom to use this list however you like.

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