My spring break has been extended. Do I like it? Yes. Is it good? Hmmm yyyea, except the crazy amount of work I need to catch up is slowly consuming my soul from the inside. But you know what,  another break from Boston is fine by me, especially when life gets hectic. As much as I love bean town, lately I’ve been having a lotta thoughts on what my next step should be. Visiting NYC makes me even more certain I don’t want to end up here.
Anyhow, this trip is not actually a break. We’re here for the National Model United Nation Conference. Students flew from all over the world gathered together for this great experience.
We arrived on Sunday and had a fun day.

This place reminded me so much of paris.

Forgive me AJ, I just couldn’t help posting this…

I needed my double shot of espresso and a green juice…

We were just on time for the Greek American parade. This makes me miss my pops…

My shoulder has been hurting lately, so I assume I was stretching it but look how cool is this artistic thingy behind me! I feel like Alice in a tailor shop..

Razan has an addiction to Disney princess, but we had a disagreement on our favorite ones. I love Rapunzel and Beauty & the beast, but she likes… I don’t even remember who she likes but how can you not like Rapunzel and Bell? or the beast??????

We spent an hour to get to this Lebanese restaurant called Balade, it was well worth the traveling!
These are chickpea hummus, eggplant hummus, yogurt/cheese (something in between these two) and dolma(rice wrapped in grape leaves).

This chicken shawarma is my best friend!

These two are eating pizzas…. yea ..

AJ loves taking pictures as much as I do…

It is really hard to take pictures when the restaurant has bad lighting…  but I just wanna show you how good of roomies we are..

She literally dragged me from bed and took me to the Milk Bar at 11pm… Razan ended up not getting anything while I stuffed my face in a cream cheese ice-cream and a crack pie filled with sugar and heavy cream… Lord save me!!!!!! I’mma green juicing for the rest of the week.