Remember your new year’s resolution is to be healthy and happy? How is it going so far?

Well, mine has been crushed too many times by those deep fried chicken tenders and fries… Whenever I wanted a salad I could hardly find anything besides Sweet Green. If you’re facing the same crisis, please allow me to introduce our new best friend – Freshii!

Whether you’re gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or simply into health & fitness, this dynamic joint is truly a dream-come-true.

freshii, the eye traveler

If you are craving a nice bowl of quinoa, salad, or fast-clean food in a reasonable price, come to FRESHII!

If you want to start a juice detox, come to FRESHII!

If you just want a nice sweet cup of fro-yo, you’ve guessed it right, come to Freshii!

They provide clean, hand made, fresh foods and drinks in front of you and they have a variety of healthy snacks.
freshii boston

freshii boston

We’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste everything at Freshii. IMG_4527

These are bite-size snack burritos wrapped with quinoa, avo, fresh greens.




What I like most about Freshii is that you can customize your food.

You can add meat or avo to your chili or you can top the chili on quinoa, the more creative the better!






My favorite has to be the cookie & cream fro-yo!



Freshii sits at 185 Dartmouth Street near Back Bay Station right next to the Starbucks. If you’re near by, stop for a juice or a bar, you’ll love it :p



You can also find Freshii on ( Instagram )!


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