“Clair come visit me in LA!”
On a cold windy saturday I jumped into an airplane straight to Lala land. On my agenda “reason” is over rated, do whatever the hell makes you happy because who needs a reason for that? ;)

With these two italian beauties we spent our time to catch up with life and shared our laughters.
Surprisingly we don’t just go around town shopping, drinking cocktails(it’s too fat), or flirting with unsuitable men.
We actually enjoy relaxing at home drinking wine (after doing all of the above). Lol

Anyways, me and sara are supposed to meet up with lorenzo at venice beach no later than 10am. Of course we woke up late, with our hair undone bare faced rushed our way there.

This place is packed with cool surfers, trippy stoners, half naked visitors, and mindless chillers like us…  The sun is lazy and time goes a beat slower, after beaching in the morning we discovered this really yummy vegetarian restaurant that i just have to share with you.

I know I know after me snapchatting all day yall filled with jealousy, but I actually studied for a solid hour… maybe less… anyways let’s move on

Kale ur self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beyonce is everywhere!!!

If you’re around town and wishing to check out the restaurant here is the link to view their menu.

It’s not the prettiest setting but it’s pretty in the ingredient, that’s what counts isn’t it? lol

The living here is really healthy, most of the foods are labeled organic.  


After Sara left for school, me and lorenzo walked all the way to santa monica

Bitch don’t Kale my Vibe! I need this shirt asap….