Warning: Put you right hand on your left chest and promise me you will not use this for evil. 

Otherwise, please go read my other posts instead. 


Now that you have made your promise, let me walk you through the simplest tricks to get any sign you like.

Leo: Compliment on Leo, compliment on Leo, compliment on Leo, keep complimenting on Leo and then maliciously TORTURE them mentally, then compliment them again, repeat this cycle.

Gem: Spend Money on them. Money Money Money $$$.

Pieces: Pieces are like  prince & princess who live in their own dream, you have to act along or you’ll lose them. Basically if they feel like Rose, you pretend to be Jack, if they feel like Romeo, you pretend to be Juliet.

Cancer: Be a patient listener, both male and female cancers are verbiages. Note. whatever you do just do not hurt a Cancer, if you make a Cancer cry, it’s game-over.

Virgo: Be mean to them, torture them(mentally), repeat. You can do anything to them just don’t be nice.

Libra: Try to be VERY ambiguous. You can say anything to them except “I Love You.”


Taurus: Obey them even when they’re wrong.  You will be dead (dead to them) if you contradict them. Only reply them with, ” Ok, sure.”

Saggi: Give them freedom, play with them, play with them, play with them and never restrain them.

Capri: They’re boring,  as long as you can take care of them, take care of their families, they’re all yours.

Aquarius: Be very mysterious and never let them guess what you’re up to.


Scorpio: Ignore them.

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*for entertainment only