People are like onions, cover in layers and it makes you cry to peal off the layers. Therefore, I’m giving you a knife of knowledge to cut straight to the onion heart (without tears, of course)!

After many years of researches, books and in-person surveys, it’s finally time to share the powerful information with you.

First and foremost:

Ask people for their birthdays rather than their signs:

1. not everyone’s into astrology (believe or not I’ve met people who don’t know their signs)

2. people tend to over think, so they might think you’re a stalker when you’re not!

Both should be avoided because we simply want to know their true colors.

by clair zhan




Aries (3.12 – 4.19)

Keyword: The Warrior / Pioneer

Traits: Ruled by Mars, the God of War. Brave fighter, energy generator, a ball of positivity, though they can be quite stubborn. They are quick to fall and quick to forgive. They are decision makers and can be great leaders if they develop the skills.

  • If you feel lost and depressed, go chat with an Aries. They will lighten up your day :)

by clair zhan




Taurus (4.20 – 5.20)

Keyword: The Musician / Earth spirit

Traits: Superficial is the root of Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Goddess of love and beauty. If they hang with you, you are probably 1. rich 2. good looking 3. intelligent 4. nice to them.

  • If you need a food/shopping buddy, find a taurus.

by clair zhan




Gemini (5.21 – 6.20)

Keyword: The Storyteller/ Observer

Traits: They’re always watching and listening, even the faintest frown on your forehead will be observed and analyzed by Gemini. Fast learner and effective messenger. They have an obsessive nature, therefore, they are either on top or on the bottom.

  • If you ever need advertising/PR/marketing, find a group of top intelligent geminis.

by clair zhan




Cancer (6.21 – 7.22)

Keyword: The Healer/ Nurturer

Traits: Sensitive crabs living inside their safety shells under the sea. They are born with self-esteem issues regardless how much pride they appear to have. Home/family oriented with a caring heart. Opposite from Sagittarius, cancers are pessimists.

  • If you enjoy a home-cooked meal & chillax, invite a cancer.

by clair zhan




Leo (7.23 – 8.22)

Keyword: The Performer/ The Clown

Traits: Over confident, which can make them too proud to notice their flaws. Attention seekers which reflects how sensitive they are, like cats. They strive to win, usually have big hearts and very generous.

  • If you are fundraising for a good-cause charity, get a group of Leo!

by clair zhan




Virgo (8.23 – 9.22)

Keyword: The Perfectionist/ Servant

Traits:  They are organized in mysterious ways (either physically or mentally). Good and profound communicators, try not to argue with a virgo (they will give you 1000 facts you’re wrong and they’re right). They tend to go extreme on things.

  • If this virgo doesn’t like dogs, let this virgo go.

by clair zhan




Libra (9.23 – 10.22)

Keyword: The Artist/ The peacemaker

Traits: Lover of beauty, class and the finest things in life yet they suffer from decision making. Libras are independent and tend to hide their emotions, simply because they don’t want to create conflict

  • Need a roommate? Libra will the ultimate choice.

by clair zhan




Scorpio (10.23 – 11.21)

Keyword: The Detective/ The Revenger

Traits: Control freaks. They live under masks which make them great adapters, they can blend into any environment. They are very responsible and have strong will power.

  • Select scorpios for group project ;) you’re welcome!

by clair zhan




Sagittarius (11.22 – 12/ 21)

Keyword: The Philosopher/ The gypsy

Traits: Half human half horse makes them a bit wild. They have unlimited excuses to run away from responsibilities, things, or people they don’t like. They live in duality of positive and depressed, they are the philosopher and gypsy.

  • Put them in a debate team.

by clair zhan




Capricorn (12.22 -1.19)

Keyword: The Father./ The Hermit

Traits: They have the “good kid” look but deep inside are full of tricks. They’re mature because they know how to pretend. Master planner, therefore, I wouldn’t advise doing them wrong (they are more revengeful than scorpios).

  • Need advising or consultancy? Go to a Capricorn.


by clair zhan




Aquarius (1.20 – 2.18)

Keyword: The Smart Ass/ The Revolutionary

Traits: Unpredictable, you can’t guess their next step. Natural born genius, you can find many scientists who are Aquarius. They heavily invest in good relationships and friendships.

  • Need to analysis a situation? Ask an Aquarius.

by clair zhan




Pisces (2.19 – 3.20)

Keyword: They Dreamer / The Poet

Traits: Prima Dona, they are dramatic with unrealistic dreams. However, they have gentle hearts and are good listeners. They wouldn’t judge you unless they wear your shoes.

  • If you need to cry over something/someone, call a Pisces.


Now you have it!