Everyone has been talking about this magical thing called meditation. As if it’s some sort of magic trick once you do it and you shall receive all your dreams and wishes and burritos and unicorn.

Well, yea… It’s sorta, kindda just like that! Maybe minus the unicorn.

But how to do it? Or how to even start??

Here’s how to start as a newbie! I promise it’s easier than you think.

Follow steps below. Save them on your phone and go over it while you are waiting in line for whatever you’re buying, or while you’re sitting in the most dreadful class/meeting.

Step 1:

Uncross your legs. Relax your hands on your lap or on the table. (Yes, you don’t have to sit like a yoga guru to call it a meditation.)

Step 2:

Relax your shoulder and jaw. Slightly open your mouth (don’t drool).

Step 3:

Take a deep breathe all the way into your stomach, then breathe out from your mouth (it’s usually longer then breathing in, weird, I know.)

Step 4:

Repeat Step 3 until you are fully relaxed.

Step 5:

Now, Imagine a bright white light shining down from the sky connecting and charging you with positive energy. Starting from your head and it slowly goes down to your neck, chest, upper body, arms, lower body and all the way to your feet. Imagine this light is within and surrounding you.


Open your eyes when you are ready.

*** Fun variations for Step 5***

Depends on what you need at the moment you can choose different color of lights to meditate with.

Yes, you can go over all the colors if you have the time.

Royal blue light: Meditate for power and strength, remind yourself you are a powerful being to create your own reality.


  Rose pink light: Mediate for love and support, be grateful for the love and support you receive and share them with everyone.


Violet purple light: Meditate for forgiveness and release past suffering, restart a fresh new beginning.


Bright white light: Meditate for connection and union, unite left and right brains and together all is possible.


Gold light: Meditate for abundance, prosperity flows to you easily and effortlessly.


The best time to meditate are morning and night, when you first wake up and before you go to sleep. Anytime in between is great to calm and relax your mind.

If anything I want you to learn from this post, it’s that meditation doesn’t have to be long and boring! It’s a tool for healing and advance your lifestyle. Just like that expensive bag and watch you use for your status, meditation is the tool you use for your soul status. Make sure you are growing all areas of your life: mind, soul, body and bank account.

Below are some free guided meditations I’ve used and can be helpful to you:

Weekend Morning Meditation: 40 mins by Louise Hay (here)

Weekday Morning Meditation: 10 mins (here)

Week/weekend Evening Meditation: 27 mins by Louise Hay (here)

Anger Release Meditation: 1 hour by Louise Hay (here)

Abundance Meditation: 15 mins by Deepak Chopra (here)

Spirit Guide Meditation: 20 mins by Teal Swan (here)


Besides meditation, there are all kinds of other tools you can use such as crystals, music, binaural beats, food (what? yea I know) and many more. Let me know which one you want to know most and I will write in my next post ;)


Happy meditation!