Ok, ice cream is one of the best things in life.

Whether you are into full on creamy, milky, thick and heavy gelato or soft, silky, banana, coconut milk, homemade vegan goodness, there should be no judgment.

I personally like and enjoy all kinds of ice creams, and it’s really important to find the perfect one that matches your mood.

Just like picking the perfect wine to go with your supper or perfect shoes for your dress. It’s art.

Anyhow, my favorite mood for ice cream is when the weather is hot and sticky. Because everyone is out in the streets smiling and complementing each other. Like that old lady walked by us on 5th Ave said she hated me because she loved my body. Thanks…

As always, my pick of the outfit is sold out. You can request it (HERE).

And as always, here are some similar ones for you to shop because I know you’ll look good in them ;p

Ladurée set out their pink and adorable ice cream stand.

I went for vanilla and rose flavor, with chocolate balls on top.

Val copied me.

I also picked out a box of macaroons for later.

This Sunday afternoon was almost perfect. All the stores were closing as we strolled around.

But on the bright side, window shopping is pretty fun in NY. We’re happy with it.

Wait. Off topic!

Let’s get back to ice cream shall we?

Cha Cha Matcha

It took me a while to finally go there because there’s always a huge line,even in winter (read my post here). But the wait of worth it.


If you are trying to impress a date or just wanna try something exotic and fun, go to Tayaki (read my post here). I consider anything from Japan as exotic. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Milk Bar

Ladies and gents, you know where’s that extra donut roll on my tummy from? It’s from the Milk Bar(here)… I go there almost every weekend in the summer.

I do make my vegan banana ice cream now and then but it never looked insta-pretty so I never took any pics… But I will try to make a post about it next time, because vegan is awesome!