I get it, trends are fun! Fun to watch the least.

I think I’ll never understand kids these days lining up for hours to buy some basic shirts imprinted “Supreme.”

Neither will I understand people spending $30 – $3000 on a brick (yea I know, I NEED to hire their marketing team!) engraved “Supreme” on it.

I’m also tired of obsessing what the Kardashians are wearing on Instagram, because I’m pretty sure the first thing everyone does when they get home is to change into something comfy. If only professional clothes can be comfy…

I’ve squeezed myself into some unreasonably tinny dresses (to impress myself and maybe some others), but thank sweet baby Buddha this phase is long gone! My new phase is to wear whatever I want and however I want to.

Hopefully we’re on the same phase…  If not, that’s cool too.

One of my current FAV is maxi dress.

One that hugs your body in a perfect way, comfortable and shows all your wonderful curves, not to mention they’re wildly comfy and fun to twirl in.

Another reason I love maxi is that you can easily dress it up or down by paring different shoes.

Last Sunday I wore this Ganni dress with white sneakers for brunch, loved it!