Palm trees, dim light with a 80s vibe and a touch of sexiness, Indochine sits on a quiet street in Noho.

A French-Vietnamese joint brims in fun ambiance and delicious food. Get a good seat, because you’ll have a delightful time people-watching ;)

I think it’s a nice place to kick off the weekend!

Another good spot for equally yummy food but more casual take is Bo Caphe in Soho. Chic and small, perfect for a cute date.

My dress (here), get it before it’s gone!

Fifi and I put on our dancing shoes, actually dinner shoes for her, arrived at 10 for dinner.

There’s a phone booth in the very back of the restaurant.

Bring coins so you can make a call!

I was kidding.

We started off with fluke carpaccio, drizzled in chili-lime dressing, annatto oil and sprinkled with flying fish roe.

It was light, fresh and yum.

Grilled baby back ribs rubbed in asian spices and topped with coriander.

It was solely ordered due to insta pics.

And it turned out to be worth the try!

Fifi picked the spicy chicken breast sautéed with lemongrass, asian basil and peanuts.

It was soo good.

Last but not least, steamed ravioli. These transparent babies are filled with finely chopped chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms.

Light and yummy!

You see that lil candle in the middle of the table?

As I stretched my arm to get a scoop of that fluke carpaccio, the string from my sleeve fell in and caught on fire. It was so sudden and I was in utter shock, but I kept my cool. Everything seemed to be in slow mo except my mind was going crazy, I first thought about dropping the aflame string into my drink(non-alcoholic), but it was too thick so I tried to insert it into Fifi’s water. That awkward moment when the monstrous burning string couldn’t reach to the water in the glass because it was half full…  And the glass was too small to fit in my whole wrist.

We were both in PANIC yet composed, just as I thought I was going to burn and reborn in Indochine like the Mother of Dragon, Fifi grabbed her glass of water and splashed it all over my wrist.

She saved the night! And no one saw it.

We cracked up for a good 5 minutes, couldn’t believe this happened.

Indochine, you need to step up your candle game.

So much love to this beauty.

To calm our nerves, we finished up in a french way.

I loved the dinner.  Will I go back?

Yes, when they no longer use real candles on the table.