Yesss I’m back to the blog! It’s been such an amazing two-week-break for me, I’ve taken a lot of pictures to share with you. (I was going to post them along the way but the internet at where I lived in Europe was really bad, so I waited until now.)

As a group we went to Turin together for 2 days. It’s an ancient city, very quiet and peaceful.

The interesting fact about this city, is it’s a city of two faces. There’s the good magic and black magic, and here I was standing at the good magic point hoping for good luck.
Even in their architectures, there’s a good side and a dark side. Which I found very interesting, there’s always two sides to every story, every living life. Turin embodied this into the city, I think it’s a good reminder for everyone who visits there.
PS: Don’t be fooled by what you first see, dive deep and you’ll discover more!

With these two fashionistas

Finally it’s lunch time!
This is how a love story starts in my dream. hahaha

I was trying to show Eleni, Yamilet, Katharine and Latia how to properly make a wish upon the well… And I just couldn’t stop laughing…

You’re supposed to throw it from the back

Then turn around and take a look to make sure you aimed it in!

Which girl doesn’t want a desperate romantic real life Gatsby at least once in her life? Because I don’t mind a bursting hot volcano love affair happens when I’m young. ( No one wants a half ass lover that “sorta” loves you lol)

Thank you Seydou for the caption lol #photobomber behind that you forgot to crop out!
I couldn’t find any other pics from this night… hmmm maybe the wolf ate them all ;)
There are more posts coming up, remember to come back and check them out!