This was my favorite visit while we’re in Italy, my colleagues might disagree with me because our visit to Maserati was epic which I will update on that one soon. Pinky promise!

I mean who doesn’t like chocolate, and who doesn’t want to own a chocolate factory where you can eat all sorts of chocolates whenever you want? I do!
However that’s not what attracted me the most, Mr. Alemagna’s passion on his dream and his persistence of working towards it really inspired me.

Here is their website, check it out if you want!

We had the chance to see the whole process of how the chocolate was made and packaged.

All chocolates are hand packaged.

Here is the best part! Look at all those gems! I was happy like a bird, couldn’t wait to try all of them but also kept my cool from the outside…

They have both handmade and machine made chocolates, the room temperature was kept 18c at all time to keep them in perfect condition.

This is how them make easter eggs, did you know that before?

This machine is for chocolate covered almonds.

And this, my friend, is white chocolate covered in coconut flakes! Heaven on earth you feel me?

Here’s the beautiful Claudia testing if this one is gold or not ;)

nope it’s not, but better..

They also have some vegies for catering materials.

The boys are trying to make friends with him.

what a happy group

When the sun went down, it’s time for us to go out and burn off all the chocolates we ate earlier.
just having a good time haha