I don’t know how but I never blogged any of the french restaurants I’ve been to. I remember I took the pictures but they somehow got shuffled to the bottom and left to be forgotten.

This time I took the photos and I uploaded them before I have a chance to forget!

Jean Georges sits right in Columbus circle.

It’s a part of french chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s empire, which you can tell by the name.

Another gem of his creation is ABC kitchen, which has been featured on my blog a couple of times, here & here.

I was a bit swollen from an allergic reaction to my new makeup product.

My eyes were super puffy and red, but I am well now!

Yass, I am already on my summer vibe :p This jumpsuit set is so comfyy and cute!

Perfect for dress up and dress down.





We quickly placed our order while enjoying chilled wine.

Foei Gras Brule was first to arrive, with a side of pineapple sauce.  

Our waiter served it to our plates.

Black pepper crab dumplings sits on top of snap peas and decorated with mint leaves.

It was so delicious! perfectly fried outside and soft inside.

Steamed artichoke.

Pick to off the leaf and suck on the tender part of it, which is like very tinny bit.

Pan roasted wild hake. Beautifully plated with asparagus and jade emulsion. 

It was so good, I stole half of it.

Milanese veal in garlic sauce, dusted with parmesan.

It was divine :p

And poached salmon and potatoes.

This was my least favorite.

We chatted about life, stressed about current political environment, and ate more food.

The classic chocolate cake was simple yet fabulous, I’m definitely going back for the cake.

Almond creme brulee, yumm.

We left Jean Georges until midnight.