Hellowwwoof everybody! It’s me Mr. Kenzo! the world most photogenic slash hot dog you’ll ever meet!

If you follow Clair on instagramtwitter, or/and facebook, you’d know me by now :)

I’ve had a few weeks of fun and not so crazy time with her. At first I was worried that she might eat me since she’s from China, but then I found out she’s kind of a vegetarian (well, 95% of the times).
So she kind of became like a best friend of mine, plus that one time she shared her salad with me and I loved it!

To be honest, I really thought we’re buddies until she left me to DC cold bloodily. Who would choose DC over meee? wahh??
Therefore, I decided to hack her blog for a little revenge :p

Now, If you don’t know me and would like to know me, here’s a few things I should mention.

First, I am a little baby. Clair calls me that all the time and I really agree with her because I AM little and I get scared so easily just like a baby…
Second, I don’t like to listen to anyone and I do things MY WAY (screw the society. who rule the world? Dogs!!)  I like to bite on things they tell me I shouldn’t and climb on objects that they warn me I shouldn’t. But I mean, YOLO what chu gon do to me?!
Clair would tell me that I’m a dog and dogs don’t eat salad or fruit, but I proved her wrong completely. I freaking loved that piece of spinach she dropped on the floor. Just look at this juicy orange! wooooooff! Me gusta muchaaa roarrrr!
I also love to whistle at girls, blow kisses to different animals, and bark at people.

Except big humans and big dogs tho, again I’m a LITLLE BABY, my legs get all spaghetti-soft when big dogs and humans approach (they’re scary and huge! what do they eat?? Little hot dogs like me and Mcdonald’s I bet..). I have to either run as fast I as can or hide behind Clair.

Wooof woof that’s right, I follow Clair EVERYWHERE when she’s home. I just constantly need her attention. If she doesn’t give it to me I would tap her leg and give her this “puss in boots” look until she glances at me laughs and hugs me.

I’m here I’m here I’m here!!!!
play with me, look at me, play with meee!
can we go outside???
But sometimes she gets too aggressive when she’s hugging me. Like I couldn’t even breathe and had to escape from her passionate hugs… but then I’d run back to her and beg for her attentions again. oooops
Liking my photos so far?
And wonder how to look as good and natural as I do?
Well, first you’ll need a Clair obviously. And the rest is easy, I usually gaze upon afar… it really elongates my neckline and gives me a strong jawline, you know, it’s all about the angles ;)
Normally I wake up at around 7am.When the sun shines through the windows that’s when I rise and shine too. As a good old chap I would wake up Clair right away so we can go for a run in the garden.
All she does is eat, study, eat more, and complaining she’s fat (Ughhh grils)… So I’d bark at her and lick her face until she gives in, gets dressed, and runs with me. 
win win (wink)!
We’d say hi to our friend Mr. Squirrel and the Goosey family. Then, we’d go for breakfast at whole foods. Clair drinks those weird green liquid and I get a milk bone!
When we get home I’m usually all worn out, which means NAP TIme for meee! Clair would study a huge book that says GMAT on the cover. I don’t know what that is but it sure looks miserable as hell.
my life is so good yall…
Clair still remembers how I woke her up in the morning, so she’d wake me up when I’m having the sweetest dream of me diving in mountains of milk bones!
NOOOOOOO I refuse to wake uppppp
Eventually she would give up on me…. woooffff thank dogs and leave me on the floor reminiscing the dream I just had…
Once I wake up, I often go for a good long back and forearms stretch. Clair would take a break from her GeeeMat and join yoga with me… I know I look very charming when I stretch huh? I get that a lot ;)
Remember I was telling you how much I love attentions? Clair is as bad ;)
Whenever she wants to play with me but I’m doing my own thing such as licking my balls, I’d look up and shoot her a “now you want me but I don’t like you no mo” face
Eventually I’d give up my poker face and start biting her hand!! It’s so addicting like bacon soda…. I know I’m just a dog ok?!
Then I’d sell my soul to the devil
I guess we really are best friends.
Jeeeeez I just realized how much I miss her! Woofff I’mma go give her a call, ciao ciao you guys!