I’ve tried a great amount of product on my skin. However, nothing gave me a drastic change until I started Kora.

It is a certificated organic skin care line created by Miranda Kerr. I’ve been looking at it for years and had my doubts.

One day I just decided to try it out, hell why no? And it was the best decision I’ve made.

Skin care is just a personal thing, I won’t encourage you to buy anything unless you feel like you want to try it. My dear friend Mayerlyn asked me what’s my secret and I should share on my blog, so here it is,  my very first skincare review on Kora.

I use a aloe water before applying the Kora luxurious rosehip oil then moisturizer day and night. In 2 weeks I start to see the difference. My skin is less irritable, it’s hydrated and healthy.