After days of tanning and nights of dancing, I decided to have a nice little break for myself to just walk around the streets and unleash my thoughts.
After few hours of sleep I finally dragged myself out of the bed. That wasn’t successful because I only made to the living room and crashed into the couch fell deep asleep again. You can never oversleep :p

For however long I recharged myself, I can finally function like a normal human being. My friends were already geared up for their last tanning sesh on the beach.
I quickly prepared myself and out of the door for a little stroll in the town.

This lovely little french cafe Chez Céline has caught our attentions for days, I had to wonder in and spoil myself with some sweets.


Once you step in, the creamy smell of warm bread and pastry was just magical and captivating.  

 They look so adorable, I could hear each one of them yelling at me “clair clair choose me choose me, I’m the loveliest out of all!” You know the boys, I had to play it cool and went for the naughty macaroons.










And of course I bought 2 boxes of macaroons to save for later (that didn’t happen). An almond croissant was devoured by me in a second and a cup of latte freppa kept me fresh.


I asked the cashier of Chez Celine what’s her favorite taco restaurant, she delightfully drew a map for me on my recite and it led me to this oceany place, La Banga.   It’s a cute medium size open shack. 
I settled myself down right by the door, so I can people watching. 

The service was amazing compare to all the other places we’ve tried. The waiter politely took my order with decent english. Although I was looking for a more local mexican taco place that should have no english, but this was good enough.  

He soon carried these three pretty sauces held in cocktail glasses. The orange one was a mayo mixed creamy sauce, the yellow one was juicy lemon with olive oil and garlic, the deep red was my favorite, a mild spicy bean sauce.

I was too busy eating, so here are only two todadas pictures for you to enjoy.  This one is the octopus, avocado, salsa, mayo, and it was sprinkled with pork floss on top. What a guineas idea!? I loved it but if it could be a little less salty would be even more kick ass.


Here is the shrimp tosdadas, I wiped a spoon of my favorite bean sauce on the plate just because I felt like it.  After this, I wolfed down a fish and a shrimp taco. Also I had another fish taco togo. Just because when it comes to delicious food I have no self control whatsoever. It’s a problem.

I proudly claim myself a taco monster. And I am a very happy girl (or monster) after having food and happily resumed my discovery and I stumbled upon this fairy tale like tea shop — the little tea shop.


 It was filled with boxes of tea leaves mixed with fruits or spices. I felt like walking into a magic shop, where you pick different ingredients and make your own personal potion!



The girl who works there was nice and patient enough to show impatient me every box I asked to explore. She would climb up the stairs and bring down the “pandora box” I choose, open the box and give it a shake to bring out the scent, then use the lid to fan the scent to my nose.   
This one even has cinnamon and popcorn in it!! How fancy?! 


After boxes and boxes of testing, I finally decided to get a green tea mix and a rose mix. 


I also got a cup of nana mint tea to help my stomach digest my taco baby… sorry baby, I just have to find you a father before you are born, you know the asian cultures.. ;)

While I was sipping my tea and enjoying the beautiful day, this pinky chic store popped right out, I think my little afternoon stroll was simply magical. Come on in now to the La Bikineria with me would you?






If you ever visiting Playa del carmen, don’t miss these cute little gems ;)