I know I know, the feeling from satisfaction to bloated pain then regret and then swearing you’re never eating again…
Yes I feeel you, and it’s time for a detox from all the turkey and stuffing that you’ve pushed your limit to eat.

1. Lemon & Ginger water for a kick start in the morning or after a big meal.
You can slice or mince some ginger roots, squeeze half a lemon into warm water and mix in your ginger.

(Honey is optional if you need some sweet taste. )

lemon ginger water

2. Make sure you’re hydrated by drinking enough water.

The North gets really dry in the winter and you’re absolutely need to drink enough water through out the day.

3. Take a walk, no matter it’s only from class to a coffee shop or subway to home. It’s always nice to move your body, even just a bit. Follow by a 10 mins stretch, this not only helps digestion but also has a calming effect.

Do as below. Easy huh?

I’m just kidding! My stretch is more like this…
You can ask your boyfriend, girlfriend, or family to lend a hand.

4. Clean eating… I hate to say this but you’ve spoiled yourself big time, a little salad won’t kill ya ;)

Usually I’m very mindful of what I eat. If I’m going out to dinner for a big meal, I’d go for a salad at lunch. It’s all about the balance and you’d be surprised how well your body is going to perform under good care ;)


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greek yogurt with kiwi and banana


This quick detox routine is so so easy and helpful, it can last however long you’d prefer. Once you feel like you’re back in the game, then it’s time to go wild again without feeling like shit.

Love from LA!