Agus called me up & suggested a girls night out. 

“Exactly what I need!” I replied as I stretched out my sore body from sitting too long in the office. 


















Before dinner, let me walk you around the park and show you how beautiful New England is in the Fall.



Some of Boston’s finest gold scenery can be found right here.IMG_0587

Take advantage of the countable sunny days and visit the garden.

Winter is soon going to wipe away all of its color in white but dust a layer of glitter. Holiday season is calling us!IMG_0601

We went down to the familiar dark basement where it’s illuminated by dim, sultry red lights. Laughter, chitchatting, and cheezy trendy music (in a good way) mixed all together formed a upbeat energy.




Let’s taco bout what to order at Lolita’s!


We decided on the delicious, finger-licking charred beef ribs. Not quite sure about the dipping sauce, it can be ignored. IMG_0723


Here is the menu , book a rsvp for Tacos Monday. I mean, what else is better than binging tacos on a Monday??


Best part of the dinner? King size cotton candy!

Girls night out dream came true!


Agus, the artist hand crafted a mustache out of the fluffy cloud. IMG_0748


Me on the other side was quite confused at what exactly to do other than put it in my mouth…IMG_0740

Suddenly, an Einstein-kind-of-genius-idea sparked! IMG_0735

… I turned into Santa Clairs! img_3103

Eating it might just be the best way to celebrate a fun night. Care to join us next Monday?

PS. Could you please let me know what’s the best taco joint you think? This taco-monster is constantly seeking better tacos…