There are quite a few little lovely cafe joints scatter in Boston, depends on what you feel and where you feel like going you can always easily jump into one.

Remember how I’ve mentioned Beacon Hill in my post with Naz at Charles river?  Tatte sits in the middle of this cute neighborhood and boy isn’t it lovely!



Tatte is a Boston based bakery that’s known for it’s pastries.IMG_7985



Everything is fresh and at a very reasonable price. IMG_7988


Adriana and I met in Sophomore year, don’t ask me how we started our friendships because we find it quite a bit embarrassing… Maybe I’ll tell you one day ;)IMG_7992

The menu is simple, I went for shakshuka, the sauce was a bit watery  and in general it’s not very satisfying compare to the one I’ve tried in LA. If you haven’t seen that post click here, it’s packed with sunshine and happiness!:pIMG_7998


All the pictures I’ve been posting here are taken by Iphones and my very not photography-skilled friends or strangers I found on the street… Sometimes the pictures turn out good, but other times you can see trashcans behind me and random people chilling in the background while I attempting not to crawl into a ball because it was so cold sitting outside… What can I say? IMG_8019




I would definitely recommend this place to have a quick coffee and some pastries when walk by the neighborhood, you have many other choices for a good brunch!IMG_8033