The dessert culture is very different in China. We usually have fruit plates after a meal rather than a chocolate cake or creme brule.

People love to go to a dessert restaurant to have dessert in the afternoon or at night.

I love the concept! My cousin who lives here took me somewhere yummy.

The sun sets pretty late in summer, after dinner we headed to downtown.

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She highly recommended a sweet durian (apparently it’s the king of fruit, see here) pizza.

Durian pizza tastes creamy, cheesy, sweet and a bit salty. I can’t describe how durian tastes like, you’ll have to try it yourself!

Same concept as chocolate pizza, both are out of my league but undeniably good.

Vanilla ice cream decorated with dragon fruit, mango, kiwii and some other goodies.

mango wrapped in soft pancake and filled with cream

My favorite! The cream is super light.