I still remember when Kenzo was just a baby, you’d never imagine a fluffy little thing that’s just the size of my palm could have the energy of a bull! Whenever I visited, this fuzz ball would be running out of control from one corner of the house to another, UNSTOPPABLE!

Since I’m staying in the city and really would like to have a cute company, I volunteered to take care of him for the break.

Ezca (Kenzo’s mother lol) and I decided to meet over lunch at Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro to catch up with life and officially handing Kenzo to me.

It’s a quiet monday lunch, the restaurant is small but clean and organized with a touch of grandma feel to it.

We both had roasted beet root salad with goat cheese and drizzled with Almond Vinaigrette dressing. I’ve been eating badly or not at all ever since finals, it’s time to get my life together and a salad is a good starter ;)

I went with roasted salmon sits on top of black lentils, celery root purre and spiced red wine. yes, another healthy choice… this just proves how much self control I’ve gained this year.
I liked it but the salmon was a bit over cooked.

Ezca went for a naughty sandwich Baked Croque Madame (it’s just a fancy way to call this ham and cheese sandwich) with béchamel and topped with soft cooked egg. Yummy fries on the side and a small of pile of salad with no dressing…. 

We both agreed on the chocolate mouse for a happy ending.

Overall it’s a lovely meal and if you fancy to check the menu here is the link.
Happy winter break my friends!