Another Sunday another breaky in soho. What’s your fav breaky spot in NYC?

Maman used to be a small cafe & bakery shop, which is something I like when I’m in the area and don’t feel like having a full on meal.

We found out the cute spot has expanded into a real-ish restaurant, the old cafe is next door. We’re always down to hang with the new kid in town :p so we popped in and wanted to try it.

Print Top: Zara HERE (it’s on sale!)

The ambiance was really cute, clean and homie, I was excited to try everything.

However, the waiter was disappointing. He wouldn’t sit us at an empty table we wanted when there were literally just one other person sitting in the entire indoor space.

Buzzkill. Definitely killed our appetite as well.

This avo toast has absolutely no taste to it, if this is something you like I think you’d really enjoy the simplicity.

Not really my taste.

We quickly finished and ready to leave. (Don’t worry, we still gave 20% tips)

Regardless the service and tasteless avo toast, they do sell adorable homie products such as candles, sages, kitchenware and some baby clothes.

It’s nice to look around as you walk out.

We spent some time in CB2 and I fell in love with this fan leaf!