Welcome to my new catalog! As you can see, it is a community dedicated to all Gemmies(Geminis) and non-Gemmies, of course.It’s not even an exaggeration that I can smell a  Gem from 7 galaxies afar, we are extremely similar in our own different ways.  And, THIS, is a platform for me to unveil the vivid & mad imagination from a Gemmie’s point of view.


Gems are known for their fickle hearts and curiosity kills all cats in the universe. Well, that is only true when we want it to be true and it all depends on our moods. You heard me right, our moods make decisions for us 90% of the time.

If a Gem feels like flying to Mars, this Gem is going to the Mars, don’t ask me how. There’s a will and we can find a way. 

Lately I’ve been meditating vigorously, for 1. my roommate won’t stop eating my food and thinks she is entitled to them more than I do, 2. I have to seriously think about what I want to do for life… Three? I’m not in the mood for three.

If you’re a Gem you better let me know down below. Gems stick together and support each other because we’re such high conscious spirits :p If you’re not, reveal your identity son!