The last day at Lhasa mom and I spent it in relaxed fashion. Just strolling around town and buying gifts.

It’s so hot during the day and the sun set around 10PM, so we usually left the hotel around 6PM, the gentle afternoon sunlight was all that we could handle.

Yak yogurt, I think it’s better than greek yogurt because it’s lighter but still has that consistency.

I went with honey & ginseng fruit topping and mom went with honey & osmanthus topping.

The front desk at our hotel was super sweet and eager to help, she recommended an Indian/Nepalian restaurant called Namaste.

You know me by now, we’re always down for good food!

Hmm, I’d say it was alright.

Not the best Indian food I ever had but not too bad compared to the other one we tried a few days ago (it was not even worth posting).

We didn’t eat much, in fact, we didn’t eat much during the entire trip.

Apparently that’s because eating burns a lot of energy and under the condition of thin oxygen, your body is not in its full potential. (Correct me if I’m wrong. )


This is the last post of Tibet.

It was one of the most breathtaking and tough travels I’ve ever had so far but definitely 100% worth it!