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Elie Sabb baby blue suede platforms, similar //  Zara dress // Sunglasses 

I am super into shoulder pads.

I remember how I fell in love with them when I first tried on mom’s over-sized blazer at very young age. Love at first sight? I think so.

Some may think this look is old fashion, but I adore the clean-cut and the powerful feel with a sensual touch.

It’s a strong, feminine and timeless piece every girl needs.

It can transform a simple dress like this ⇊ to look so much better!

“It’s one of the most comfortable outfits I have.

& I would definitely dress it down by pairing sneakers instead of heels.”

I met up with my old friend at a french restaurant for dinner.

We started of with baked mushrooms filled with cheese.

Squash soup with peas.

I’m a huge fan of soups, this one was amazing.

Creamy and tasty.

We each had a steak.

Australian veal, perfectly tender.

And we finished up with some desserts.

I’ve moved a lot growing up, from city to city, country to country. It was really hard for me to have bbfs but when I do make some, they last for a lifetime.

:p At least I hope so! (knock on woods)

By the time we were done catching up, the restaurant was empty.

It was a beautiful day and I have so many more posts to upload!!