The Miami crew are back in NYC! If you haven’t met all of us, check here and here!

We reunited at the New Museum. Its name says it all, a museum filled with new art and new ideas. That means if you have anything cool and mind-blowing please contact them here.

We highly suggest you to go early, there was a huge when we left  around 3PM.


There are a couple of floors depends on how many exhibitions they have at the time.

Wanna visit? Find out what they have right now (here).

These rain drop lights change colors every 5 seconds. It reminded me of the movie Avatar, dreamy and illusive.

Look at this cool lamp made out of undies! Sometimes I wonder if artists are running out of ideas or they’re just so creative.

On another note, I can totally see it hangs in some clubs’ restrooms :p

As we elevate up to a different floor, it’s a whole other world.

Projections of under water clips, the bubbles, colors and sounds all make you fall into a calm state of mind.

Beds for those who might fall asleep.

Human senses are always intriguing to me, we see, hear, feel, smell the things we want to see, hear, feel, smell.

Ever watched experiments of people blindfolded while eating? Yea, they couldn’t even guessed a banana right.

So where are we really? Even Elon Musk said that there’s one in millions of chances we live in based reality.

New museum has a small gift shop, but a pretty cool one. It has random stuff from everywhere and everyone.

Finally we’re on our way to Souvlaki! A small but authentic greek restaurant.

We started off out year with Greek food, if you haven’t seen it check it out here!

It’s so easy to spot the only lively restaurant in this north winter city.

Winter outside, summer inside, I’m cool with that.

We started off with Hummus, Tzatziki, Melitzanosalata and plate full of peta bread.

We were so hungry so I didn’t get to do a close up of each plates.

But you can kind of see we had salads and lamb screwer.

I want to end this post with a quote from Aristotle

“If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.”

Cheers to girl power!