Vicky and I were invited to see some cars this weekend.

If you’re someone who loves cars or simply looking for something to do this week, definitely check it out (here).

They gathered about 1,000 cutting edge and innovative autos from high-end to fire trucks.

What you’re looking at below, is the GT Ford.

Apparently it took them over 20 years to build it and rebuild it, and they only built 250 of them world wide.

Now a master piece which you must see if you visit the show this week.

Isn’t it a perfect wedding car which you can drive along the coast somewhere in Italy? :p

My friends disagreed but I still thought it was the cutest thing!

Vicky and I were starving after seeing all the cars, we jumped into an uber and headed to Soho for lunch!

Bocaphe, a cosy Vietnamese cafe influenced by french style.

It conveniently sits in Soho and next to Jack’s Wife Freda.

We ordered avocado toast, shishito pepper and a pepper beaf rice noodle salad!

Everything was soo flavorful and we finished everything.

Bring your friends and order everything!


No matter where you are, I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Sunday!