Yes, dairy can be replaced in any form. There’s a vegan version of anything meat or dairy products you can imagine.

And yes, the food industry is changing drastically since we were kids. For the good tho.

If you tell me about veganism or the concept that dairy is bad for me 10 years ago, I would laugh at you. No, actually, I would simply not understand what the heck you’re saying.

Nonetheless, people are more aware of health and wellness nowadays and that any foods (meat or non-meat) can be harmful if they come from unhealthy source.

This all circle back to when our parents tell us not to be a “picky eater”. In fact, we should be picky eaters!

I tried a couple of organic vegan yogurt and they’re pretty good! Give them a try this week and tell me how you like it.

Remember, don’t be harsh on yourself. It’s okay if you’re not loving it. Just like if you grow up eating plant-based food, anything dairy or meaty would taste terrible initially, it’s just a process and change of habits for a clean eating life style.