I’ve been wanting to try Oficina 1M for almost a year and finally I came with the best companies possible.

What stopped me was mainly the line queued outside the door every time I passed by.

However, if you come early in the morning around 10am – 12pm, it’s guaranteed you’ll get a table ;p

But honestly, after waiting in line for Yayoi Kusama for 4 hours in total (I went twice and left half way during the first time), I’m not afraid of any lines. Plus my Capricorn side def aids a huge depth of patience when it comes to things I want (find out your astrological chart here).

We started off with coffees & tea.

How cute are the chinas? !

We went for avocado toast, pizza, and pancakes.

Guess which one is mine??

Pancakes! Of course ;p

Just like what I ordered at Epistrophy and Nomo Kitchen.

I have to say, Nomo kitchen wins but this one wasn’t bad.

I’m wearing the cutest stripey sweater from zara.

I tried to find it online so I can link it here, but it’s not online. So go to the nearest zara and find it!

Such a beautiful place with yummy and pretty food.

It lifts up your spirit like no other ;p


Until next time <3