A literal tart heaven, any flavor, you name it.

I was never a tart person but it’s so fun to eat :p

Once a upon a tart sits in one of those townhouses in Greenwich. The space inside is teeny-weeny, just like most places in nyc, but beautifully setup. A cute place to catch up with a friend or a nice place to bring your family for brunch.

Ok, whatever you order just stay away from the hot chocolate!

It’s basically a false advertising on their instagram (look at their post and look at what I got below).

Although our hot coco were disappointing, I want to be fair because they make mean tarts ;p  

The spinach with prosciutto and sunny side up, very yummy.

Shakshuka with chickpea pancake!

Last but not least, apple tart!

I love strolling in the neighborhood after meal.

It’s a very healthy lifestyle because it’s good for digestion.

Washington Park was right there so we decided to go see the art piece by Ai Weiwei. 

This one is called “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”


Happy Sunday <3