Military Jacket

There’s something rigid, put together and sensual about military jacket.

Especially the ones made out of velvet.

Perfect for fall.

Velvet bag, HERE // Lacy bra, HERE // Pointy flats HERE

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Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday to my second home!

I’m so grateful for the opportunities and adventures I have had and so excited for what’s waiting ahead of me!





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Luncheon & Katana

What happens when girls in Banking, Business and Law industries get together? We take many selfies and have real talks. 

clair zhan, boston blogger, lifestyle blogger

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Apartment Inspirations

A few of my friends know that I’ll be moving soon, it’s not a secret but I no longer like to “trumpet” my personal details to the world.

I’ve been looking up inspirations online and I can’t wait to decorate my new place!




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Winter Beauty Products

I change my beauty products as the season changes.

Simply because our bodies are easily affected by the environment, it’s important to keep the food you eat and the products you use up to date in order to maximize your health and happiness.

Clair Zhan



















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Create Thanks

IMG_1508Well, where should I even start? There are so many grateful things in life that it will take pages in this blog! But I don’t want to keep you for so long :p

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How to Get Any Sign You Want

Warning: Put you right hand on your left chest and promise me you will not use this for evil. 

Otherwise, please go read my other posts instead. 


Now that you have made your promise, let me walk you through the simplest tricks to get any sign you like.

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Watermelon Salad

Some unexpected events have happened to me past week, the situation has forced me to slow down my steps.

What’s the best came out of it? I finally have time to share a CHILL recipe with you!

In Greek style. Super easy!

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