Shrimp Saganaki

The only Greek restaurante we have in downtown Boston is that tiny little fast-food stop near government center. They do make a kickass gyro but it does not do justice to Greek food.

So I decided to make my own and share this quick, yummy, low fat shrimp saganaki recipe for you.
100% clair-proved and most importantly cook it with love and it’ll always turn out great :p

Thanksgiving in Serbian Style

In honor of the holy holiday spirit, I want to inform how grateful I am to have friends in the land of America to share tears and laughters together all these years, who have also supported all of my decisions including the dumb ones, and of course have always caught me when I fall flat on my face… multiple times. We’ve witnessed the growth in each other and I can’t wait to share many more good memories with you all.
Ps.You know who you are and I love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

This thanksgiving has been the best I’ve had so far, we spent the dinner at Zoran and Daniela’s with their friends and family. While Daniela was preparing the feast, we munched on traditional Serbian snacks and chatted away.

Let me refresh you, the goal of holidays is to eat until the food is up to your throat, then you rub around your tummy to make more room so you can eat again. Me and Ana are such pro at this, but mostly is because the food was sooooooo fantastically amazing! We both really needed this hommie loving feeling after being away from home.

Zoran is literally the funniest guy I’ve ever met this entire year, he has the kind of humor that cracks you up without being mean, and that’s real skill my friend!

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Flea Market LA

I’ve heard a lot of good things about flea markets but never been to one.

This camp like market is packed with all kinds of goods, from jewelry to clothes to food. With the gentle sun light soaking us into the vintage atmosphere, we truly enjoyed this american hippie lifestyle.

girls, hat

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Healthy Living at Venice Beach

“Clair come visit me in LA!”
On a cold windy saturday I jumped into an airplane straight to Lala land. On my agenda “reason” is over rated, do whatever the hell makes you happy because who needs a reason for that? ;)

With these two italian beauties we spent our time to catch up with life and shared our laughters.
Surprisingly we don’t just go around town shopping, drinking cocktails(it’s too fat), or flirting with unsuitable men.
We actually enjoy relaxing at home drinking wine (after doing all of the above). Lol

Anyways, me and sara are supposed to meet up with lorenzo at venice beach no later than 10am. Of course we woke up late, with our hair undone bare faced rushed our way there.

This place is packed with cool surfers, trippy stoners, half naked visitors, and mindless chillers like us…  The sun is lazy and time goes a beat slower, after beaching in the morning we discovered this really yummy vegetarian restaurant that i just have to share with you.

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All About that Makeup

In the very end of each week my room looks like it’s been through a dramatic tornato, clothes scatter everywhere on the floor in piles, everything is everywhere if that make sense to you. Sunday officially becomes my “must have” deep cleansing day. I mean it’s not bad with my favorite musics blast on.
As I was cleaning and thought I might share some of my favorite winter products with the girls :) and boys.

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