a piece of my mind

Mom has always encouraged me to meditate with her, but she’s not a professional and always ended up falling asleep… I would tickle her and she would beg me to leave her along for a little nap.

But now I’m here a pacific-ocean-away from her, I somehow find it calms me and helps me focus through out the day if I spend 10 mins meditating in the morning.

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hello halloween!

This is the time of the year when people really get creative with ideas. After a serious consideration between milye cyrus and snow white, I finally settled with Kylie Jenner. Simply because first I hate cold (tho my outfit turned out to be cold anyway) second not looking too scary that people don’t recognize who you are (such as Karim… but I recognized your eyes and voice! bingo!)
The outfit was really simple so was the makeup(just put on a loads and loads of foundation and eyelashes and it’s all set).
We started celebrating at my place with my favorite people, while waiting for Byron and Baris someone was knocking on my door. It turned out to be a surprise pack of neighbors from my building. I never turn down a friendly olive branch, this supposedly small pregame turned into a great halloween party.

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Showcase SuperLux, Transcendent

What’s more perfect than having luxurious dinner and dessert while watching a new movie with Johnny Depp in it?
This weekend V finally hit me up and we decided to go watch this new movie, Transcendent. I will not spoil it for you, but will share some pics of the theatre ;)
As you can see we weren’t exactly catch by the first part of the movie, however I can assure you the last part and the ending was good and I cried.

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Genkia and the Night Out

Final is coming and my body is fully caffeinated…
So last week I finally met up with D, we haven’t seen each other for a long while. I suggested her to try out the organic sushi restaurant, Genki Ya. And we loved it!
By the time I got there, I was really REALLY hungry, here are some pics of what we ordered!

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To the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts

I know I know, spring break has past a week ago but to me it feels like we were just there yesterday…
The bright sunlight dusted a golden color over our skin and the salty water waved our hair. Time went by swiftly everyday when we were at playa.
Some nights we cooked our own dinner and others we discovered several fun restaurants. Remember that Cuban place where everyone appeared to be a pro dancers on the open floor?

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one fine day

One of my biggest goal for this year is to get fit. Sometimes I think to myself, body is the only tangible thing we own for as long as we live. And we have full control and power over it. In another word we are the kings to our bodies. 
Which has been said, I will share many healthy recipes and of course fitness related posts. Be ready for that!

Ps. this will be a great comparison photo of me in … let’s say half a year. I’m confident about it :)

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