After many of you have asked about it, I think it’s finally time I share my skincare with you!

It’ll be too much if I tell you all at once, so I’m going to divide them into 2 sections.

This one is all about body & hair, the other one will be focused on facial.  ***(which I have found revolutionary products if you have acne, acne scar or fine lines)***

Living in the year of 2017, the one thing we all lack is time. So high value low risk is key!

Anyway, let’s start!

The first thing I do when I get home is washing my hands. Living in the city means you are touching a lot of *things through out the day, some you can see and some you can’t.

I mean, I love good bacterials but some can cause illness so it’s important to clean your hands with good soap!

Most hand soaps are rough for your skin, putting on lotions after can be annoying because what if you need to wash an apple right after that? The lotion comes off and you think to yourself “why did I even put it on?”

So, I opt to something that solve this issue.

The coconut milk soap cleanser not only cleanses but also moisturizes at the same time!

After that, I usually rest a bit. Then take my time drinking lemon water, eating almonds, catching up with the kardashians… just kidding, catching up with my instagram and facebook.

Then hit the gym for an hour, after that I take a long shower!

First comes first, I dry brush my skin from feet to neck. This helps with blood circulation and rejuvenate the skin.

I’m using citrus & peach rose moisture body wash, just like the hand soap it cleanses and moisturizes the skin!

It’s packed with amino and fatty acids in the bataua fruit oil, which makes your skin glow and feels smooth :p

Simply smother them all over your body with a sponge!

I complete the whole process with shampoo and condition from the same brand – Soapbox.

Argon Oil Shampoo, HERE

Argon Oil Conditioner, HERE

Citrus & Peach Rose Reviving Body Wash, HERE

Coconut Milk Hand Wash, HERE

Aside from making my skin and hair happy, Soapbox also makes great effort in charitable causes such as creating positive impact on health, environmental, and economic issues.

Your purchases go into hygiene education in Nita and fund research in water sanitation (by the Carter Center and the F.I. Proctor Foundation at UCSF) which help reduce trachoma infections.

I had no idea what trachoma was.

It’s the world’s leading infectious eye disease that can lead to blindness and is impacting lives in more than 50 countries.


The price is low but the quality is high. And on top of that, I’ve managed a 20% off discount code for you! Enter Clairsoapbox upon your check out.


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