This city is marvelous! I constantly feel like walking into history where every girl should be in big fluffy princess dress while holding a fan half covering their faces, smirking from behind.


Since my laptop charger didn’t work for three days, I haven’t had time to do my online midterm neither any homework. With hand full of time, I get to fully enjoy Paris!

Due to slow internet speed, I will try to post the rest of the pics another day ;) Also I’m working on my website!!! Can’t wait for it to be ready!

Kindda over the whole Ladurée scene, with Greg’s high recommendation I had my first visit at Pierre Hermé.

It’s so spring and everywhere smells so good and floral! Plus the weather is so perfect and gentle, not hot not cold exactly what I need.

Ok, this place is sketchy.. not gunna lie..

Is it me or A&F is so over rated in paris? Am I going to great the king here or what is this whole package going on?

Let me explain, everyone is waiting for Rihanna. Including me. It’s my moment of being a fan girl, no shame in this!

I’m taking a break from carbs as you can see…

Typical tourist kind of pic, mom loves them tho :p

Lena insisted on selfies, how could I say no?
Bonne nuit <3