What a beautiful day in Paris! I am currently sipping coffee and writing this blog.  My sudden departure has surprised you guys, so let me update you with details!


After skipped 2 midterms, I flew to Paris on a cold windy Wednesday. I will be staying there for 5 days then travel to Italy for my Entrepreneur Seminar in Milan. My whole trip was planned in a very short period of time that’s why many of you didn’t even know I left. Sorry dear, next time we will plan a trip to Fiji together! Pinky promise.

Anyhow, let’s unfold the Paris Part 2 shall we?

It’s my first time here and I’m trying my best to go to as many places as my friends have eagerly suggested. However, I am a slow-traveler. I’d rather take my time to enjoy every bit of my time then don’t to rush. Quality over quantity, for sure. But also an excuse to come back again, and again, and again…

































I had an early light lunch at l’avenue  on my own while my friends were at work during the day.

I guess this is a bloggers-must-go but I really liked the quality of the food.

In the evening I met up with Marine at Angelina’s for hot chocolate and a quick bite before wondering around.

This post is a combination of several days, so bare with me!

Here we are at museum d’orsey 
Let’s talk about photo bombers… It took me a few time to get a good shot…