Just like Audrey Hepburn, I also believe in pink!

Fifi tagged me in an Instagram post one night, it was this ALL pink restaurant. She asked if I’d go with her, I said yes without a blink.


We arrived at Pietro and was a bit surprised by how little it was.

People sat uncomfortably close to each other, not only you can hear everything people are saying but your elbows are literally 2 inches away from your neighbor.

I was worried that one small move I might knock over someone’s glass.

The waiter was busy running between tables, she never brought the juice Fifi had ordered and we had to serve our own waters.

I’m telling you this because I would want to know the true service of a restaurant before I go there.

I went for Cacio e pepe, it was watery and cold.

We quickly finished our meal and ready to go somewhere else for desserts.

We made another pink stop at Cha Cha Matcha, it made up for our awful lunch.

Everything here is based off of matcha.

Matcha latte & Matcha coconut ice cream! Brilliant combination.