Last night I dreamt a little dream of Zeus. 

You never know how much you care until one day he’s gone!

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I have owned (entirely by me, not my family) in total 2 puppies since I was little. One was given away due to our moving to another city and the other passed away after a few months living with me. I cried weeks (no kidding) and sworn that I will never get a puppy, ever again.

Maybe not “never” but definitely not anytime soon.

 I mean, just look at this face!

How can you say no to a face like this?IMG_8450

He is a real life teddy bear!

And a smooth gentleman who can get any girl he wants. 
IMG_8468 T was trying to show me how to deal with this bear, since he’s quite naughty sometimes.

Sugarcoated words do no do effectiveness of him. IMG_8489

But in the end, they’re still BFFs.

IMG_8773     I swear he falls into deep thoughts more than I do!IMG_8822  And he is a bit of shy to the world.IMG_8922

From a baby I could hold in my arms    IMG_9155

to a fully grown guardian

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Oh how I’ve missed Zeusy the bear!