My in-laws along with my baby niece are visiting, we stay at Intercontinental for a few days to be close to the beach.

Although my niece isn’t a huge fan of ocean, but to be fair she does love Moana. A lot.

A cool lounge perfect for chatting with family over drinks and snacks.

The weather has been switching between sunny and stormy.

We took full advantage of today relaxing, eating and snoozing.

I’m currently learning to play La La Land theme song with my Ukulele.

Yes yes yes, I will definitely show off my skill once I’m presentable :p

Did you watch the movie?

I cried like a baby although I’ve never had LaLaLand-kind-of-love.

As usual, my outfit details are listed below:

(What I have are sold out but here are some similar ones)


We went to downtown for dinner at Guoxi Hotel.

Appetizer came right away, pickled radish.

Minced pork stuffed in sliced lotus roots covered in delicious sauce.

Mixed veggies. Of course my fav.

Steamed oysters with garlicky rice noodles, super flavorful!

Fresh lobsters in delicious and simple garlic sauce.

My favorite!

I’ll let you guess what this soup is…

papaya with coconut cream for dessert.  Healthy, yummy and low fat!