Good afternoon!

Too much vacation is making me very very lazy. No complains tho, I can finally catch up with some readings. :p

What I love about Sanya is that the rain never stays for too long. I quite enjoy the morning shower and afternoon sunshine.

We stayed at the Marriott.

My cousin and I went for a quick lunch.

Thai beef salad, it was super tasty and fresh!

Sweet coconut dessert.

I am honestly considering doing a tech cleanse, stay away from all social media, phones, laptop for a day or two.

Maybe it’s me, but I reach for my phone the first thing I open my eyes in the morning and before I close my eyes at night.

This is def not healthy.





My kimono is from H&M, I can’t find it online so here are some similars:

What are you up to this summer?? I want to know!