A beautiful wedding was held at a 5A rated sightseeing heritage park called, Bing Lang Gu.

I’m a plus one and I’m taking you with me :p

People are obsessed with betel nut here, the green things on the left bottom tray. I heard it has the same effect as alcohol, it gets you drunk.

They chew on it for a couple of minutes and it turns their saliva red. In the beginning I thought people were choking on blood!

In China, it’s common to put money in a red pocket for the bride and groom as gift.

This little pineapple is soo so sweet, just how I love tropical fruit!

Beautiful rich greens, warm air, summer evening, beautiful scenery, so good to have home on a beautiful island like this.

I was carried away by the wedding and didn’t any photos :P  But we left until late night.