There are so many good pasta places in NYC, and my pasta journey has only just began. So stay tuned my friend, I’m taking you with me to every pasta corner I find, of course, only the good ones.

We sit outside to enjoy the last bit of warmth in the concrete jungle.

The place is in the meatpacking, so it’s super easy to get to clubs and bars afterwards.

Alright, for starter – braised octopus.

Tender and fresh, cooked with artichoke, celery & top with charred scallion.

Love it! Every piece of food on the plate is tasty.

Okay, you must try their spaghetti. It’s known as one of the best in town!

It’s simple but from the homemade pasta to the tomato basil sauce, every detail is perfection.

Black farfalle – seafood ragout & herbed bread crumbs.

Yum yum yum.

No matter how much we eat, there’s always room for dessert.

Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, my friend. Dessert goes to the heart.

I think this is the apple pie but it’s off the seasonal menu.

So delicious and heartwarming, and I wish you can try it!

Twice baked lemon cake covered in ivory lime cream, milk jam, macerated blackberries & accompanied by lemon sorbet.

Alright, beauty and the beast all in one and we demolished them in 2 seconds. Maybe 10 mins but you know how it is…

When the shoes start to kill your feet, you know it’s time to head home!

Red shiny skirt HERE // Cowgirl shirt HERE // Pointy shoes similar HERE

I definitely recommend this place. If you’re in the city for the weekend, it’ll make your night so much easier. Walking distance to Le Bain, PHD, 1Oak and many other bars.

Plan your Saturday night wisely and you can make a rsvp HERE