Boston now has a Serafina for those of you who loves Italian food!

We started off with calamari which was perfectly fired to the right crunchiness. And a classic capri salad followed by carpaccio with arugula.

We also had ricotta cheese and a few more little bites.  IMG_0221

We shared the salmon pizza, which was surprisingly good. I like sashimi, I like pizza, and I like me a fresh salmon pizza! IMG_0230

Classic Italian fried chicken IMG_0234

I had Sea bass wrapped in cabbage and fried to perfection surrounded by zucchinis and drizzled with olive oil .IMG_0235

Intense intelligent convos intrigue me the most.IMG_0236


these two love birds are my favorite!IMG_0250

Then we finished up with panna cotta IMG_0267

Tiramisu and creme brule. I heard it’s way better interior here than the one in NYC, pop in and check  it out yourself if you’re in town ;) the food was definitely great!  IMG_0271