The only Greek restaurante we have in downtown Boston is that tiny little fast-food stop near government center. They do make a kickass gyro but it does not do justice to Greek food.

So I decided to make my own and share this quick, yummy, low fat shrimp saganaki recipe for you.
100% clair-proved and most importantly cook it with love and it’ll always turn out great :p

shrimp saganaki
You’ll need:
  • half pound of shrimp (depend on how many servings you want, half pound is perfect for two)
  • two handful of cherry tomatoes
  • dill
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • oil ( I only have coconut oil but you can use any kind you wish)
  • salt & peper
  • chilly flakes
  • oregano
  • tomato paste (optional, I forgot to buy it, but it still turned out great)
  • feta cheese

First warm up your oil then pour in the shrimps, while cooking add chilly flakes, oregano, salt and pepper. Until shrimps all curled up, take them out in a bowl.

Pour a glass of white wine.

Add your crashed garlic

Let it simmer and mean while chop up your tomatoes!

combine them

add dill

add shrimps

If you ever try this recipe, please let me know how it turn out!