I wasn’t feeling great lately, the person I always go to is Adriana.

She sees things from a whole perspective which brings me a sense of comfort.

My sweet company took me to the beach for a getaway, it was the best decision ever.



This neighborhood is in the suburb, Manchester by seaside.

It’s my first time in the area and all those greens really gave my eyes a break.


We had a nice little walk from public parking to the beach, thunders groaned above our heads.

We looked at each other and laughed at the situation.


People were leaving and we just made our way to the beach.IMG_4545

We’re both a bit of health freaks :p


It started drizzling right after I took a bite of my watermelon. Then turned into pouring.

We threw everything back in the cooler, grabbed our bags, and ran to the nearest “shelter”.

I’ve always had a thing for rain, but Adriana was a bit disappointed..

Looking into the grand view of ocean makes me feel serene and calm. All my troubles seem not so big anymore.


As I was gazing into the sky and getting lost in my own thoughts, the sun shone through a part of the thick clouds and painted a beautiful rainbow on the grey.IMG_4556

It only got better each second. IMG_4563

I’ve never seen such magnificent double rainbows up close.


In a sense we are all one, we are a part of this planet like the fingers on a hand… So… we are Earth itself?

Hmm interesting.. I think the rainbow has its magic on me..


Sharing this beautiful moment with my best friend made me ten times happier.



We found a lil crab fell over on his back… you don’t see him crying and hating, he just flip over and life goes on hahhaha


  To be honest, we weren’t satisfied with our snack choice… I’d prefer some grilled lobsters, is that too much to ask?


The sun is out again, we try to absorb every bit of it.


And we both had our moments of “awwing” this lovely family. It melts my heart…IMG_4775

IMG_4919     The sun has dropped into the sea, we patted the sand off our butts and headed home.



When the time is right, you’ll be here.