Look at this extra large bun of happiness from Drunken Dumpling! I bet it tastes even better when you’re drunk.

They make 25 of this stellar dumplings each day, so you should really mentally and physically prepare standing in a long line if you wanna try it. (FYI. it opens at 12PM!)

Off the menu: they also sell beers if you prefer to drunk eat drunken dumplings.

They do not sit you like a proper restaurant, so make sure you seize a table first or they won’t sell you anything.

Look at this big boy!

First, you suck out the soup with a straw. Then, you eat it.

Bring a friend or a date, it’s best for sharing!

This fried pork bun reminded me of the dim sum place I used to go in Boston.

Shrimp popstickers.

Loved it!

So much sauce.

And more mini soup dumplings.

A drop of happiness between my chopsticks.

As you can see, the line never ended so make sure you go on a warm day and wear comfy shoes!


Off we go for some coffee at MUD.

Please remember, this is a cash only place!

When nyc blesses us with good weather in cold season, all you need to do is take it all in and enjoy some natural vitamin D!