Volez, Voguez, Voyagez Exhibition is free and open to public, get your tickets here and they also have a little gift for you at the end of the tour! What? I know!

Me and Ang met up for pasta at the Sosta in Nolita, it’s a “fast food” pasta but the quality is very good. I call that efficiency.

I had pesto and she had bolognese.

Love the bolognese more, I ate half of hers. :p

You must try the sparkling coffee if you go there!

It’s this natural coffee bean drink that tastes like champagne and a little bit like apple cider.

Have a ride with me to the VVV exhibition!

Here’s the address if you want to visit it in person:

NEW YORK, NY 10006 

Each floor has a different theme.

This one is my favorite with all the vintage suitcases.

I always wanted one as a coffee table.

They really stand the test of time.


This beautiful yellow piece worn by Alicia Vikander during the 88th Academy Awards.

Taylor Swift wore this dress at MET gala 2016.

And this is me in my casual sweater and jeans.

Great exhibition to visit this weekend!