IMG_7434“I want to go somewhere that has nice food and good drinks…

Hmm with a lounge feel but also chill.”

My business strategist Mo raised up the bar for our dinner options.

Well, as for “chill lounge” we’ve got a handful in town.

Liquid Art House? My brandy dress and Ralph Lauren sandals just wouldn’t do me no good.

Empire? not feeling it…

Committee? Nahh I’ve been there too many times.

“Wait, let’s go to Strip by Strega!”

IMG_7437Neither of us had ever eaten there.

With a bit of curiosity & roaring tummies we quickly decided our wine & dine.

Just to play it safe, we started with a caprese salad.


Veal tenderloin for me. They’re wrapped in prosciutto, topped with asparagus, & accompanied by fontina fonduta.

Mediterranean sea bass for the mister. Sauce verte, feta piquillo pesto, & a small portion of herbed salad


We shared our dishes & liked both… maybe a little bit more towards the veal :p.

Strip is an all new, sophisticated, modern fusion lounge which fitted all of our requirements for that night. Great service and on point American food.




Dressing up is certainly fun and flirty, but on occasions like this when you’re with your friends and feeling extra low key, Strip is also a great place to go!

Now you know ;)

PS. If you play FIFA & think you’re unbeatable. Mo wants to send out a public challenge, because clearly he has not yet lost once. :p